London Design Festival

We exhibited our 2019 retail releases at the Truman Brewery. Exhibiting our new grotesk FT Base and our first transitional serif FT Made, as well as our 3rd version of FT Polar.

Unlimited Licensing

Choose a plan with the amount of computers you need our fonts on, and your license will cover the full family and unlimited use across projects in Desktop, Web, App and E-Pub.

Glyph Book

400p perfect bound publication showcasing some of our favourite glyphs from the latest retail releases and updates.


Poster design for FT Polar, announcing an on-going collaboration with Antwerp design studio, Vrints-Kolsteren.

Trial Type

All typefaces are available as Trial versions in OTF. You can easily and legally test them in your projects and designs. Please note you cannot publish any work with our Trial versions.

FT Switch

Experimental variable typeface with 3 axis: weight, stroke-end angle and slice. A conceptual typeface studying the user's control of type design.

The Ace Life

Custom wordmark for streetwear concept brand.

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Fonts are allowed to be passed onto a pre-press service or printer for output only. Contractors are not allowed to actively create new documents with fonts that have been passed on for output only. If any modification is to be made by a non-licensee, then a new licence must be purchased for that user.

Embedding of the font software in other software or devices or in any other form whatsoever requires the purchase of a special licence. Please contact us to discuss further details.

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